Rolex Daytona Story

Osvaldo Patrizzi and Guido Mondani
CHF 1'078


The famous Italian publishers Mondani, specializing in vintage Rolex and collection, have just launched the subscription to their latest work: the Rolex Daytona Story. A beautiful exhaustive catalog on one of the most legendary chronos in the history of modern watchmaking and above all, a real indispensable tool before you embark on an investment that can be hazardous if you do not have a minimum of knowledge…

This book obviously covers all periods of production of this legendary timepiece that has dreamed - and still dreams - generations of watch lovers. All references are accompanied by their detailed technical description with, in addition, an indication of the value and rarity of the piece. Indispensable before investing in some models that can be worth a few thousand euros (or even a few tens of thousands of euros) ... Of course, this book also lists all the versions of Daytona Paul Newman as well as the famous dials known as "Patrizzi" (note: dials whose original color has "turned"), "floating" dials, personalized dials, Oman dials, etc. For each reference, the start and end dates of production are mentioned. In the end, this book proves to be an essential and unique guide, as much for watch professionals as for enlightened amateurs and collectors. An indispensable Bible, to consult before any purchase. Indeed, this market can be particularly delicate for neophytes ... A replacement dial, needles that are not original or a bracelet reference that does not correspond to the case reference, etc. And part of your investment goes up in smoke! This beautiful book completes the Mondani series on "Professionals" at Rolex: Rolex Submariner Story and Collecting Milgauss, Yacht-Master, Turn-O-Graph and Explorer. As a gift: the Daytona personalized 24 hour bag

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